Young Savers

Providing solutions that will pave the way for our next generation’s financial success

We’ve created the Save$um Banking & Schools Program to help provide a real-world experience for young savers while teaching them financial self-discipline and the satisfaction of watching their money reach new heights.

Save$um Banking Program

ASB’s Save$um Banking Program offers young savers the opportunity to develop money management skills, learn how to reach financial goals, and become a “Save$um” saver by:

  • Getting started early
  • Adding to their account regularly
  • Leaving their money alone long enough for it to increase in value

For participants in the ASB Save$um Banking Program, Save$um Passbook Savings are available with special ASB contributions to help give their savings a boost. Young savers enjoy:

Save$um Passbook Savings Account

  • No minimum balance
  • No minimum deposit amount
  • No monthly service charge
  • Athol Savings Bank will add $5.00 to each new student’s initial deposit.
  • Once a student makes 25 deposits, Athol Savings Bank will deposit an additional $5.00 to the student’s account

Save$um Certificate of Deposit

As an extra-special reward, ASB offers those who have saved $250 or more in their Save$um Passbook Savings account the opportunity to transfer their money into a 6-month Save$um certificate of deposit to accrue interest at a higher rate.

  • Earned interest with $10 minimum balance
  • Monthly interest accrual
  • Online Banking view access
  • Automatic renewal
  • $250 balance to open
  • Early withdrawal penalty*

Save$um School Program

We are proud of how the Save$um School Program has helped students reach financial and classroom success at several area participating schools,** including:

  • Athol Community Elementary School, Athol, MA
  • Toy Town Elementary School, Winchendon, MA
  • JR Briggs Elementary School, Ashburnham, MA
  • Templeton Elementary School, Templeton, MA
  • Petersham Center School, Petersham, MA
  • Gardner Elementary School, Gardner, MA

** Please note that Save$um accounts are not just for students in participating schools. They may be opened for children at any of our Branch locations.

As part of the ASB’s Save$um School Program, interested students are invited to fill out a job application, interview with ASB personnel, and then be “hired” to work as student tellers at the Save$um Bank in their school. The student tellers are trained and supervised by staff from Athol Savings Bank and parent volunteers.

For more information about ASB’s Save$um Banking & School Program, please click here or call us at 978-249-3200 and ask to speak with a Save$um employee.

*A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity:

The fee we may impose will equal all interest that could have been earned for the remainder of the term. This could result in the loss of the principal.

If the withdrawal is made within the first six days after the deposit, we will impose a penalty of seven days interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty.

Athol Savings Bank recognizes and respects the importance of maintaining the privacy and the confidentiality of children who may access our website. The following privacy policy has been adopted to ensure that children’s privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times:

We do not knowingly collect, store, or share with third parties any personally identifiable information obtained on our website on children under the age of 18. Personally, identifiable information includes email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, and names.